Corporate Events

Let world renowned magician “Tom Yurasits” help you make your next event a “Magical” one! Tom can help you with your entertainment needs by providing entertainment for Trade Shows, Sales Meetings, Conventions, Hospitality Suites, Corporate Parties, Company Picnics and Employee Appreciation Dinners just to name a few. Let Tom Yurasits transform your next event into a memorable and exciting event. Please contact us as soon as possible, you’ll be glad you did! Check out the available shows below.


“Thanks again for making our conference a great success.”


“I was extremely impressed by how easy you are to work with, your professionalism, and your reasonable fee.”


“I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”


“Well, you did it again! Two years in a row you have performed close-up magic in our hospitality suite at Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City and both times you have left our clients amazed and flabbergasted.”

Trade Show Magic

Tom uses his Magic and Mind Reading skills to attract a crowd to your booth at your trade shows. After he gathers a crowd and entertains them at your booth, you can then pass out your literature to prospective clients and talk one on one with them. He can also customize tricks to fit in with your products.


“We will be looking forward to working with you again at our next conference.”


Stand-Up Comedy Magic Show

The “Stand-Up Comedy Magic Show” is a great show for smaller venues. It utilizes Magic with a Comedy twist, Mind Reading and lots of Audience Participation. Also watch as Tom performs the Houdini Strait Jacket Escape after two spectators from the audience strap Tom into a regulation strait jacket and he attempts to break Houdini’s record of two minutes. (Lots of comedy.)


“You add just the right amount of comedy to your amazing effects.”


“A night of “magic” was just a perfect ending to a day of technical talks”.


“The comedy and audience participation was just what our group needed.”


Magic & Illusion Show

Tom uses his more than twenty years of experience to amaze and amuse you, using Magic, Music, Mind Reading, Comedy, Illusions and Audience Participation. Watch Tom and his lovely assistant as they make live Doves appear in the fast paced opening segment of the show. After some fun and baffling magic, Tom performs one of his hottest illusions, and in a flash makes a live rabbit appear to everyone’s surprise. Tom ends the show with an illusion appropriate to the environment he’s performing in.


“In addition to your illusions, we all enjoy your sense of humor, your audience rapport, and your use of music in your act.”


“I am happy to say that our Worldwide Director (who we had never met before) had a wonderful time and was especially pleased to be your “able” assistant during your rope trick.”


Beyond Illusion Show

Tom’s show “Beyond Illusion” is noted for his spectacular “Illusions”. Watch as he places a two hundred watt light bulb through a space where his assistant was just handcuffed and hypnotized. Or watch as he divides his assistant into three separate pieces, makes his assistants appear and disappear, or twists their heads and bodies into pretzels while playing Chubby Checkers “Let’s Twist Again”. There are also many other illusions that can be performed in this show.


“Over the past two years, you have done shows for us at two holiday parties, a customer dinner, and our recent open house.”


“Both your close-up magic and your illusion show went over extremely well.”



Now That’s Entertainment Show

This show features a variety of acts, such as: Magicians, Jugglers, Comedians, Illusionists, Mentalists, Hypnotists, Escape Artists, Impressionists, Singers, Musicians, or a multitude of other Variety Acts. This show is customized to your needs.


“Your performances are always fresh, professional and entertaining.”


Customized Shows

Tom Yurasits can enhance your special presentations, theme parties, product introductions, trade shows and meetings or make your executives the star of the show. He can also build special to get your message across. Call us with your needs or ideas and let us put some “Magic” into them.


Let Tom Yurasits transform your next trade show, banquet, sales meeting or convention into a memorable and exciting event. Please contact us as soon as possible, you’ll be glad you did!


“It just blew everyone away when you made our President appear in a puff of smoke!”


“Thank you for all your help with the Ambassador Bank TV commercial. Your expertise and coaching allowed us to produce a rather unique television spot.”




Whether it be corporate, campus, meetings, banquets, birthday parties or any other entertainment needs, we have a show for you. There are shows designed for birthday parties that are held in the home and shows designed for stage featuring lovely assistants and illusions.

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